KDS aims to deliver high-quality zero bugs Products on-time and within budget. To allow this, we formalized our experience in the Development Process and Support process.

The Development Process has three main stages. They are not a specific timeframes with predefined start and completion dates. They are more like a mindset and set of actions and deliverables.

Development Lifecycle


If your existing IT infrastructure requires support with defined terms of reaction, KDS’s support services is what you’re looking for.

Now we support limited number of setups. This includes:

  • any product we develop or developed in past
  • linux-based systems, LAMP server

If your needs are beyond this short list, feel free to drop a request.

KDS Support Process has three stages, similar to the Development Process. Contrary to the Development, they are strict stages: one can’t start before the previous one completes.

  • startup
  • installation
  • support

Support Lifecycle

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