KDS Software Group invites students and junior developers to the software development training course. The training that focuses on actually development of software products versus plain programming.

After the training course you may join KDS Sofware Group.

Entry criteria:

  • some software development experience
  • PC and Internet access
  • ability to do personal weekly meetings
  • desire to learn new and improve personal skills


  1. We conduct a setup meeting where we agree on the course project or projects, course plan, rules and have an introduction to the modern software development methods.
  2. Course student does his assignments, if necessary, asking the Group’s developers for an assistance.
  3. Per course plan, but at least on weekly bases, we discuss project progress, questions or problems, if any, and discuss a detailed plan to be done until the next meeting.

Skills trained:

  • modern software development
  • test-first and test-driven development
  • internet communication with a customer (basics)
  • internet cooperation within a development team (basics)
  • open-source software develpment